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  3. Konferencia AEMH Manažment nemocníc založený na kvalite a bezpečnosti, Bratislava, 27. 4. 2006

Konferencia AEMH Manažment nemocníc založený na kvalite a bezpečnosti, Bratislava, 27. 4. 2006

Slovenská lekárska komora (SLK) a Asociácia európskych nemocničných lekárov (AEMH) usporiadali dňa 27. apríla 2006 v Bratislave konferenciu:
Hospital Management based on Quality and Safety

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Chair : Dr Joao de Deus, Vice-President of the AEMH
- Dr. Mikuláš Buzgó, Vice-President of the Slovak Medical Chamber
Quality of Hospitals in Europe
Special guest speaker:
-Dr. Irena Belohorská, Member of European Parliament, former Minister of Health

Hospital Budgets
Political background and divergences in the different EU countries
- Dr Yves Guisan, Vice-President of the Swiss Medical Association, Member of the Swiss Parliament
Hospitals and DRGs: findings from HOPE survey (cancelled) - Pascal Garel, Chief Executive of HOPE (European Hospital and Healthcare Federation), prevented

Quality Programmes
The Launching of Ouality Management Systems in Health Care
Dr. Martin Olej, Slovak Medical Chamber
Implication of Doctors in Management
Dr Raymond Lies, President of the AEMH, Director General of the Kirchberg Hospital in Luxembourg

Labour Conditions of Doctors
Doctors and working time – a never ending story?
Dr Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the Marburger Bund (German Doctors’ Trade Union)
Working conditions of hospital doctors in a patient safety context
Dr Paolo Simoes, Member of the Board SIM - Sindicato Independente dos Médicos(Portuguese Doctors’ Trade Union)

Training of Hospital Staff
Medical training in European HospitalsDr. Tiago Reis Marques, PWG (Permanent Working Group of European Junior Doctors)
Nursing Education as one of the Cornerstone for Patient Safety and Innovation
Paul de Raeve, Secretary General of the EFN (European Forum of Nurses Associations)

Patients' Safety
Experiences from the HOPE Exchange Programme 2005Dr. Ľudmila Lysinová, former State Secretary of Health
No patient safety without quality in management
Dr Marie Wedin, President of the Swedish Medical Association of Senior Hospital Physicians, chair of the AEMH working group on Risk Management

Q & A - Panel discussion
Conclusion “Quality in Hospital Management is a major component in the improvement of Patient Safety