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Registration process ENGLISH VERSION

Registration process ENGLISH version

For registration process you need to send us:

-              Filled application form

-              consent to the processing of personal data (GDPR)

-              criminal records form country of origin – officially translated to slovak language

-              diplomas of professional competences – university diploma (general medicine) and specialization diplomas ( which need to be aproved by ministry of scholarship and ministry of health, in case they are      issued by foreign countries) - notarized copies

-              professional qualification in the state language (slovak language) – notarized copy

-              proof of registration fee payment 13 €

-              Affidavit  - that you have been never working in Slovakia as doctor, since you ended your university education, till begining of your employment in Slovakia now.

-              Validation clause has to be part of diploma and attestation diploma as well as language exam.

It is important to know at first, that doctor who want to be registered in Slovak Medical Chamber /SMC/ should have resolved a job in Slovakia allready - perform medical profession in Slovakia or date of begining. Every document in foreign language has to be translated too.


For more information please contact department of Registration